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Referral Based Matching

We are using Twitter network engagement and monitoring recommendation from people

Save Money

On average companies are spending 3000$ each month for posting jobs in different job boards. In case of HR agency the price is even more (20k$+)

Make Right Choice

Check your choice during 30 days and only if candidate is right fit, only then pay reward budget for referrals

Get Rewards For Referring Someone

Help your friend to find a dream job and get a decent reward (1k$ - 15k) for referring to someone in the comment. Just mention your friend in tweet's comment.​​

How It Works ?

How It Works For Companies ?

1. Post Job - It's Free

Just send us email about job description with details. Include company details, salary range, location/remote, working hours and top 10 desired skill set

2. Define Reward for referral

Define the referral reward budget.  It can be any amount of money but based on our research recommended minimum is 1k$.

Note: company is paying only reward budget and only in case of success hiring.

3. Discover Great Fit Candidate

Get the list of recommended candidates with score, weekly. Reduce the scope of search and hire great fit candidate blazingly fast.

To motivate people for making referrals, we highly recommend to define reward budget.

Payment of reward budget is happening after successful hiring and after 30 days from hiring.

4. Pay Reward Budget After 30 Days From Hiring

Don’t waste your money. posting in useless and expensive job boards. Pay only once you are confident in your decision.

Payment of reward budget is happening after successful hiring and after 30 days from hiring.


How It Works For Job Seekers & Referees ?

1. Discover Your Dream Job

We are creating the best environment and experience for tech jobseekers providing the best job list with interesting tech stack and valuable projects to make tech people happy if they will land on one of this job.

2. Refer Someone And Get Rewards

During that search process you can discover some job posts that might be not a good option for you for some reasons but before skipping, think, maybe you have friends or know someone who can be great fit candidate for described job post.

Just mention them in tweet comment and get decent reward.

Note reward budget is from 1k$-15k$



Free Until Hiring



  • Job Posts: Unlimited
  • Define Reward Budget For Referral
  • Apply: Get Resumes On Your Email
  • Referrals/Weekly: Get List Of Referred Candidates
  • 30 Days After Hiring: Pay Reward Once You Will Confident.
  • Fee: 10% From Reward budget (After 30 days from hiring)
  • 24/7 Customer Support


The service is completely free. Companies can post as many posts as they desire and define a reward budget for referrals. defining reward budget is optional but we highly recommend that to make our new approach work well. Our engine is based on game theory so to make twitter referral network work. people need some incentive and motivation for that. That’s why we are recommending a reward budget. Anyway, the company is paying a reward only in case of successful hiring after 30 days. Only after that nomadstring.com is taking 10% of the reward budget as fee for hosting.

First of all, our company is based on trust. We don’t assume that any company will hide the fact from us. We are collaborate only with verified tech companies & startups that has great authority and trust from our side

Let’s explain the full process flow by example.

Assume that the company “ABC” is searching for web developer and posted a job on our platform.

At the same time suppose that Alice is also searching for a web developer role and she has found that job post from tweeter or from our website.

After reading the description she understood that’s actually that position is not for here for some reason but wait…., she has a friend – Bob and also two other friends who could be the best fit for that job. So from our platform she can navigate on tweet posts and simply mention Bob and other friends in the comments.

Bob and other mentioned friends, also can do the same. Read the post, apply if he thinks he is a good fit or just refer to his friend or friends.

So based on that comment we are building a chain of referrals and once someone will be hired by company, all his/her referrals in chain, all parent nodes will get rewards.

In this example chain will be look like: Alice->Bob->Davide

Let’s say David was hired by a company. The reward budget is splitting between the parent nodes in this case they are Bob and Alice. We call that chain – winner chain.

About reward slitting algorithm in chain

Each node in the winning chain is getting the remaining reward budget divided on 2 from bottom up direction. To make it a little bit more clear let’s calculate that with our winner chain. assume that reward budget was 1000$



Davide [the person who was hired by company]

In the following table you can review how splitting algorithm is working. [iterations means loop iteration when algorithm is splitting money]

note: there is also once condition. if remaining is less than 1$ we are stopping iterations and adding remaining to direct referral[as you can see this in – iteration 6]. in this case this is Bob

In short, direct referral is getting more than parent nodes. We are using that approach to avoid spam and increase incentive to reach the best results.

For money transfer we are using PayPal or TransferWise. Note: we are not paying the fee for money transfer

We are getting 10% from the reward budget.

about us.

We are a team of passionate enthusiasts trying to change the recruiting and job boarding systems, introducing new alternative ways to make it correct and easier for both sides. The first goal that we have for now is to try this new approach on tech niche.


Now-days it’s extremely hard to find the best fit candidate especially for tech jobs. Also in current job boards there are a bunch of issues like spamming with job hunt bots and recruiter and company owners are not happy with this. Beside that great talents is losing the chance to be noticed by recruiters or company owners.


Currently we decided to use twitter as a referral platform to reach more people and increase our network as fast as possible

About  details, how everything works together you can ready the following sections and also review the explanation video. In case of any issue, feedback, proposals or opinions  please email us.


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